Does the database let you send out follow up letters to any client posted?
Yes, the follow up database allows you to send out your 15/30/60/90 day letters and enables them to be printed in seconds.
Does all the program require Excel 2007 or higher?
No.  All the ES series are stand alone programs and do not need any internet connection.
Do I need the internet to use any of the programs?
Yes, Your logo and forms can be added at the time your program is being built.
Can I add my Company logo and forms to the program?
Yes,  You own it, any laptop or PC desktop.
Can the program be put on all my computers?
This being an excel program, we use macros to enable the navigation throughout the program.  We have posted a Tutorial Video, with easy instructions on how to enable your macros to eliminate that error showing up.
I can't seem to open the program, it keeps telling me about the macros?
During the process, yes we can add customized additons such as Print Icons, for your specific needs.
Can I add a print Icon for certain forms to print instead of checking those boxes?
Yes, the es 700, es 800 and es 1000 include both Warranties and Warranty Card and are printed with a click of the mouse.
Are the Mfg Warranties and Cards included?
No matter how many times the state changes their forms the updates are provided to you the first two years free of charge.  We have a service plan that includes all updates and upgrades to the program available.
What about state forms that need updating?
No problem, special packages are available for multi locations and for the purchase of more than one program.
What if I have two locations, or want to get the es 1000?
The es 1000 has an internal Records Database for easy retrieval.
Which Programs saves your records and retrieves them?
Yes, all programs have the ability to make changes to and / or update Lenders, Manufacturers, and Staff.
Can you update the Manufactures and Lenders?
We have packages available for Companies that have more than one location.
If we have Multiple Locations, do we have to purchase separate programs?
Yes, Newly developed es service provides the ability to create tickets, print forms and save to database and charts the progress of your receivables.
Can you generate Sales Reports?
Yes, the es 1000 will maintain and generate Sales of Units and Profits Monthly and Annually with a click of button.
Is there a Service Program that will generate Service Tickets for Billing back the factories?
Is there Technicial Support Provide and is it Real Time?
Yes, 90 days free, then an optional fee of $198 Annually for Updates and Technical Support.  No Recordings all Real Time.
Yes, Training sessions are schedule for individuals or groups, provided in Real Time.
Is financing available?
Yes, based on individuals needs.
Is there Training Provided?
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